Tax Compliance

Brady & Company has been preparing Federal and State tax returns for over 40 years. Let us help navigate the complex tax laws and minimize your tax burden.

Washington State Business and Occupation Tax (B&O) Consulting

Brady & Company has been advising companies regarding the Washington State B&O tax for many years. Our team has previous experience as a Revenue Auditor with the State of Washington as well as being the subject matter specialist with two of the “Big 4” firms. We have the Washington State B&O tax experience and depth to help find the answers you need.

Sales and Use Tax Consulting

Brady & Company advises companies from start-up to International Companies with billions in sales on multi-state Sales and Use tax issues that affect them. We navigate the Sales and Use Tax rules and laws in the various State & Local jurisdictions that our clients operate in. We have experience working with tax jurisdictions and defending our clients under audit and identifying exemptions that companies may not be aware. Our efforts have resulted in millions of dollars saved by our clients.

State & Local Tax Consulting

With over 7,500 different taxing jurisdictions each with their own unique set of rules, Brady & Company can help navigate the compliance burden many of our clients face. We consult on various issues including multi-state income franchise issues, multi state sales and use tax issues, Washington State Business and Occupation Taxes, City of Seattle Business and Occupation Tax, City of Seattle Income Tax, City of San Francisco Business & Occupation Tax. If we do not have the local expertise, our network of affiliate advisors can assist in working locally to help our clients.

Washington Business and Occupation Tax and Multi-State Sales and Use Tax Refunds

Brady & Company has a team dedicated to working on Washington State Business and Occupation Tax and Multi-State Sales and Use Tax Refunds. Our experience is that a majority of companies tend to overpay rather than underpay their Washington State Business and Occupation taxes as well as multi-state Sales & Use taxes. Have a business in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Municipal Fire Departments? We have the expertise to review your transactions and secure a refund from the various State and Local Taxing Authorities from beginning to end. Concerned about the risk? Our team is willing to work on a contingent basis for this type of work.

Intellectual Property Management Services

Our firm works with various Life Science companies to manage their intellectual property keeping an eye on the royalty, collaboration and partnership agreements our clients make. With out Intellectual Property Management services, we assist companies managing and reviewing contracts to understand the tax ramifications before they sign on the bottom line. Our services are available to manage all aspects of the Intellectual Property from basic accounting to distribution of funds and entering into agreements. Give us a call to discuss our services and to learn about our team.

Assurance and Accounting Services

We are a full service accounting firm providing accounting and attest services. Have a need to prepare a company for future acquisition or IPO, let’s make sure the accounting is right. Currently we are only accepting Life Science Companies for our accounting and compilation services. Let us take care of your accounting services so you can focus on what is important!!! Please call us to discuss.

Payroll Services

We currently are accepting only full service tax and/or accounting clients for our payroll services.